Roofing installation soffit gutters on daycare center.
Building out soffits to fix the inherent defective design issue..
Build-out soffits.. or in other words. “inherent defective design” issue with air flow to the frame.. Do you want your roof to work 12 months a year? Don’t forget your air flow!!!!
JLG longreach Towers over this Home
Blown out sky light seals in the sky lighter blown out when the glass gets like this needs to be replaced.
Heavy Guns
JLG lift makes this huge house look small.
Chimney repairs from the street with the right equipment anything’s possible
Running some shake shingle.. Mario is a real pro at Shake Roofing, as well as every other type of roofing..
It was such an emergency Mario didn’t even put a coat on.. 6° Chardon Ohio. Let structure Roofing solve your ice backup issues guaranteed results no matter what the issues are.
Ice freezing to all nails holding down roof. At Structure Roofing Company, we can explain why this is happening and explain what you need to do to make sure this never happens again. Call for a free estimate today 440 943-4705.
Is your roof leaking heavy? Ice back up? We can solve the problems guaranteed. Ice backup experts – no one better in the industry.. Talk with Mario from structure Roofing.

Roofing in the winter.
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